Knowledge Brokering

Knowledge dissemination adviser to the Pacific Leadership Program (ongoing)

The Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) has retained me as an adviser to increase their reach and impact through knowledge sharing and, in particular, disseminating the research they commission in appropriate formats to their key audiences. This is an ongoing periodic contract until 30th June 2017.

This piece of work commenced with the development of a Knowledge Dissemination Strategy and an Action Plan to facilitate its implementation within the team.

More recently (June 2016), I worked with the PLP team to prepare some key knowledge products arising from an analysis of the experiences of women municipal councillors in Port Vila & Luganville, Vanuatu.

Download the Briefing Note here

Download the Discussion Paper here

In 2017, I worked with PLP to develop a briefing note that presents a snapshot of ongoing research into the role of green growth as a driver of national and regional policy in the region.

Download the Briefing Note here .

Co-editor of ‘Pacific Stories’ (2014 – date)

Matthew Dornan and I co-edit ‘Pacific Stories’ which brings together collections of the best in the Pacific-focused posts to the Devpolicy blog. Each edition includes 3 items from the ‘Pacific Conversations’ series which is a platform for established and emerging thinkers from the Pacific island region to share their thinking on politics, economics, development and more.

Download the 2nd edition (2016) of Pacific Stories here
Read about the Vanuatu launch of the 2nd edition here

Co-ordinator of ‘Pacific Conversations’ (2013 – date)

For the Devpolicy blog, I co-ordinate the ‘Pacific Conversations’ series. It captures the thinking of established and emerging Pacific leaders on politics, economics, Pacific regionalism and more. It has a particular focus on women leaders in many fields. The content is presented as a blog post, a corrected transcript and the podcast of each interview.

See the material in ‘Pacific Conversations’ here.

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), Communications Consultant (2013/14)

I worked with the Pacific Plan Review Adviser to develop a digest of (70+) public submissions to the Pacific Plan review process (received during 2013) to document issues and concerns communicated by a wide range of stakeholders and guide future work by the Review team, PIFS and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF). The following objectives were achieved:

Assisted the Pacific Plan Review Adviser to identify thematic areas around which to base the digest;
Reviewed, analysed and synthesised 70+ submissions received to identify key points with reference to each of the themes identified;
Prepared the digest document through to final draft, including layout and development of the ‘look and feel’.


Pacific Regionalism & Sub-regionalism

Governance challenges at the Regional/Sub-regional interface (July-August 2016)
A think piece commissioned by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat as part of their ongoing work to respond to Forum leaders’ concerns about appropriate governance and resourcing mechanisms within the region. I was tasked to provide a summary of my own thinking in this area as supplemented with information collected by way of interviews with regional and sub-regional decision makers.
Read the paper here
Submission to the Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism (April 2016) A joint proposal put forward for the process by which items for discussion by leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum focused on the development of a regional disaster response and management facility (Pacific Disaster Response and Coordination Unit). Read our submission here
The New Pacific Diplomacy (December 2014 – December 2015) Participation in a writers’ workshop to develop a new publication designed to coPicturentribute to the understanding of recent changes in the exercise of diplomacy within and by the Pacific island region followed by working collaboratively with other authors and editors to prepare the volume, published by ANU Press. Read my chapter ‘The Renaissance of the Melanesian Spearhead Group’ here Download the e-book here
Intégration régionale des territoires français dans le Pacifique Sud (June 2014 – March 2015). Contribution to a special edition of the Journal de la Société des Océanistes. Read the abstract of my article ‘Rebuild or reform: regional and subregional architecture in the Pacific island region here.
Pooled Delivery of Services in the Pacific Island Region (March 2013 – May 2014) A collaborative research project to assess the progress of pooled service delivery as a modality for Pacific regionalism. The project included a preparation for a submission to the review of the Pacific Plan and generated 3 conference presentations as well as a roundtable discussion with the DFAT regional team in Suva. Read the peer reviewed article here See the slides from a conference presentation here

Pacific Policy & Development

Analyst & technical writer for Pacific Trade & Invest (2016) I was commissioned by the Pacific Islands Trade Commissioner to prepare a paper for submission to the Forum Finance and Economic Ministers’ Meeting. The scope of the paper was to map alternative and emerging financial instruments for private sector development in the region and present recommendations to Ministers as to how best to develop this area in Pacific island countries. I was required to collate information from numerous sources, undertake follow up research and present the material in an accessible format.

Pacific expert for Palladium Group (2016) I worked as part of the Palladium team to develop an integrated thematic roadmap to guide future investment by the Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program (DFAT funded) with particular focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE). I contributed by way of providing in-depth advice as to Pacific contexts relevant to the issues under consideration, identification of key informants for interviews and review of outputs prior to submission to DFAT to activate milestone payments.

Consultant for Pacific Advisory & Icarus  (2016) I worked with Pacific Advisory and Icarus in the development of two reports for submission to the Minister for Infrastructure & Public Utilities (Vanuatu) to inform policy development and guide Council of Ministers decision-making. One was to inform and present recommendations as to the development and implementation of a government-wide fleet management system and the other was a feasibility study into the future use of the National Convention Centre.

Analyst for Pacific Advisory (June 2015) I was contracted by Pacific Advisory to assist with collation and analysis of data collected for an audit of residency/citizenship investment schemes for submission to the Prime Minister’s Office in Vanuatu. I also provided the lead in preparation of reporting documentation.

Analyst for United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (June – August 2015) UNDESA contracted me to provide an analysis of current and emerging socio-economic trends in Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste as background to work done by UNDESA and governments in relation to proposed graduation from ‘Least Developed Country’ status. I was also asked to provide policy recommendations for incorporation into resources for use by the UN.

Consultant – Oxfam Australia & the Pacific Leadership Program (January – March 2013) I was commissioned by Oxfam and the Pacific Leadership Program to undertake a scoping study in relation to possible methods for providing institutional strengthening support for civil society in Vanuatu. Key achievements included: negotiation of appropriate terms of reference; identification of areas of inquiry and relevant stakeholders for consultation; undertook consultations with stakeholders; co-facilitated a workshop to review the draft report; submitted final report comprising underpinning issues and findings from the scoping study.